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My husband is a pretty traditional guy, and he has a real problem playing with our 4-year-old the way she wants to play (tea parties and dolls),

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There's a reason why your child favors one parent over the other and it known that she wants only Mommy (or is it Daddy?) to pour her milk, tuck But playing favorites is common with toddlers (for example, that toddler

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Is it wrong that I want to win? My daughter and I are playing in her room, an extensive tea party set I didn't want to play bad cop all the time.

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My daughter only wants Daddy and I have to admit it hurts a little. Jamie Sumner We try so hard as parents not to play favorites. I just wish they would do 'You wouldn't want us to go away, would you?' were playing, doors wide open, and everyone got along, was a child who had a story to tell. This child grew up with a mom, dad, and baby sister, a regular average childhood.

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